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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Cowboy and the Colonel

C’mon, fess up. You saw the movie, PeeWee Herman’s Big Adventure, right? Remember when he is riding his bicycle and he wrecks? Or was it the PeeWee Herman cinematic extravaganza about the circus?

In any case, he recovers from the wreck by admitting, “I meant to do that.”

Now switching the subject from Mr. Herman to Mr. Hoff. How did I get four scans from the same newspaper to come out so differently. Unlike PeeWee, I am not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by confessing that I meant to do this..

I didn’t mean to. I bet that there is a reasonable reason why this happened. The article itself was written back in the day when I was 46, and this font thing happened today when I am 63. I don’t think this “Font size Foul- up” has a connection to my age now, but who knows?

Anybody out there (i.e. not here) with tech savvy want to school me on what I might have done wrong? While this post might  lower the bar for blog post “uniform appearance,” I hope the ideas can be read and understood.

White and Boles are, after all these years, still two of my five favorite caverns historical figures, they share an irony. Both White and Boles loved and labored mightily for the caverns, but in the end both had highly-placed bosses who differed with the “value of their contributions” and so some portions of White’s and Bole’s talents, efforts, and dedication went officially unnoticed and unrewarded.

But many bystanders to caverns history do recognize and appreciate their contributions and I, for one, join that group.

And those bystanders also recognize that the caverns and its many visitors through the years have benefited from the efforts and talents of  “the Cowboy and he Colonel.”














p 2 the cowboy and the colonel 2

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