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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Larry Gilmer, our friend and former co-employee, passes away January 27, 2010

Larry was born in Enid, Oklahoma on December 28, 1946. He served Larry Gilmer_military_early youth in the United States Army from 1966 until 1969 as an Ordnance Technician. Larry and Nancy Thomas married in Garden Grove, California on August 22, 1970. They moved to New Mexico in 1974.
Larry owned an auto repair shop in Springer, New Mexico. In 1986 he and Nancy moved to Carlsbad where Larry worked for the Department of Corrections. Larry began work at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in 1993 as a temporary employee and became a permanent employee in July 1994. He first worked in the Custodial Division and then became a Motor Vehicle Operator.
He worked at the park for the National Park Service until he retired on September 29, 2007
Larry is survived by his wife Nancy, daughter Tracy Johnson of Carlsbad, her husband Jeff, grandson Guy, and grand-daughter Claire, also of Carlsbad.
 ed_larry and family eating cake at his retirement_092702

Larry’s Retirement Party—September 27, 2007
Above —Tracy, Guy, Nancy, and Larry eating retirement cake
ed_LTR daughter Tracy_grandson Guy_wife Nancy

Above —Tracy, Guy, and Nancy
ed_Larry receives plaque from Superintendent John Benjamin

Above; The party was held in the Maintenance Work area.
Here Larry  receives a plaque from caverns Superintendent
John Benjamin.
ed_Larry showing off plaque
Larry, showing off his plaque.

ed_dolie and amelia and evelyn
ed_onlookers at LG retirement party_092707
ed_luis and susan
ed_some caverns bossesbut not Larrys
Some “chiefs”.
A shy co-employee.
ed_grandson guy talks to Diane

Guy talks to park employee Diane.
ed_Larry gets a fishing pool and tackle box_recropped
Larry gets a fishing pole and a tackle box.
ed_Larry and one of the party photographers
Larry gets some advice.
ed_Larry chuckling at his retirement party

Everyone agrees that Larry was a “great guy” and a “very nice man” and a “dedicated worker.”
We miss you, Larry. God Bless You, and RIP, our friend.
Your Caverns Friends and Co-employees

Thanks to Sharon Williams, National Park Service, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, for additional information Some information and one picture taken from The Carlsbad Current Argus)


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Bob Hoff said...

You're welcome.

Bob Hoff

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