Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flag presented to Amanda and Jesse Stubbs in honor of U.S. Government service of their father, Mr. Tim Stubbs

Mr.Tim Stubbs, retired National Park Service employee and former CAVE ire Management Officer, passed away unexpectedly on January 28, 2010, while attending a Fire Training course in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Though retired, Mr. Stubbs still served the U.S. Government as a contract firefighter.
On Friday, February 5, 2010, at 4:00 PM at the park’s town headquarters Management Assistant Paula B. presented Amanda and Jesse Stubbs with a flag in honor of their fathers service to the National Park Service.
ed_tims pix and flag 2
ed_closeup of tims

ed_amamda and jesse s with paula bauered_amamda and jesse with onlookers
While onlookers watch, Amanda and Jesse Stubbs receive the flag from Management Assistant Paula Bauer honoring their Dad.

ed_amamda and jesse s with paula bauer and barbara richards
Amanda shared with the group that she had been privileged and proud to go with her Dad when he when to a Boy Scout organization meeting to celebrate his 30th anniversary of working with the Boy Scout Program.
Jesse told us that on several occasions that different firefighters had told him that his Dad’s distinctive voice “on the radio”  from an air tanker or on the grounds at a fire had reassured those firefighters that ”with Tim at the controls” they were in good hands. Tim’s reputation as a dedicated and devoted firefighter, who always stressed the safety of the people on his team, who always listened to the concerns/needs of those people, and who always remembered the importance of organizing and securing resources for his fire teams, was well known among firefighters, nearby and far away.
ed_carol and patty and lisa and diane
Carole B., far left, Patty F., second from the left, and Diane E., far right, all worked with Tim at CAVE. Patty recounted the many times that Tim called her and told her, “to pack her things because they were going to a fire.” CAVE Chief Ranger Lila M., in uniform,  did not work  with Tim, but came to honor his memory.
jeff and saloman and sharon williams and carol bryant and patty fugate

Also present to honor Mr. Stubbs were (Lto R) Jeff (in uniform), the youngest person there, Tanner W., Mike “Fish” S., and Sharon W.

Here (below) is a larger picture of Tanner, son of April W., pictured to his right.
ed_jeff and others in the background
Jeff and others in the background.
ed_avelina ed_bob and susan
Avelina C. to the left and Susan M. and Bob H. to the right. Avelina told me that when Tim arrived in 1990 as the Caverns Fire Management Officer that she was the  first “ Fire Secretary” for Tim.
ed_bob and amanda and jesses and avelina and saloman and barbara
Mike “Fish” S., U.S. Forest Service, who fought fires with Tim, is the second row of the second picture above. Barbara R, in the far right of both pictures, is Amanda and Jesse’s Mother.

When sharing stories about Tim at the end of the ceremony, the consensus recalled Tim as a very dedicated, enthusiastic, employee who spared no efforts in leading and working in support of the CAVE fire program and who could be counted to speak his mind to bosses, when others might hesitate for fear of getting in trouble.

We, the friends of Tim Stubbs and his family, wish Amanda and Jesse and Barbara the best of luck and health as they return to their current home in San Diego.


Teri Burns said...

My first experience with wildland fire was as a reporter for the Current-Argus and Tim was my introduction to the world. It was an experience I'll never forget, and he was a man I'll always remember.

Bob Hoff said...

Thanks, Teri.


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