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Monday, March 23, 2009

Some of My Family History at the Caverns

December 30, 2008--Grandson Jimi's first visit to Carlsbad Caverns.


Jimi sprinting toward photographer, Grandpa Bob

Working at the caverns gift shop/ bookshop is Uncle Jose Campos, Victoria's (Jimi's Mom) brother. Jimi making a sharp turn.


Hoff family boards inter-Chihuahuan DesertAbout to descend into the depths of Carlsbad Caverns.... caverns

(Below) Uncle Jeff holding Jimi


Jimi, Uncle Jeff, Grandpa Bob, and Dad Darren


Photograph somewhere in the Big Room


What's up, Dad?


Father and Son in the caverns


Uncle Bo Ramirez, Park Ranger Interpreter, explains to Jimi the geological theories
of how the caverns came to be. Jimi responds by asking Bo if the caverns sells Skittles.
(This section of the blog is fiction, although Bo is a real uncle)


Most of us, including Jimi, got tuckered walking
in the Big Room. Of course, we took the elevator
down, saving the Natural Entrance and the
Main Corridor for later trips.

I had planned to spellbind the group with a
treasure trove of personal caverns memories
but I was so far behind I got to the elevator
lobby about an hour and fifteen minutes after
my family did. :=)

Like everywhere else we take Jimi Victorino
Campos Hoff, the trip to the caverns was a
delight with him.

Thanks, Vick !

Grandpa Bob

Originally written 3/8/09, but unpublished then due to problems with Google Blogger. BH

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