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Friday, February 13, 2009

(L to R) Jim White, Amelia Earhart, two local ranchers (the Marks brothers), and Superintendent Tom Boles. The picture was taken in 1927 Read more about Amelia Earhart: Earhart on Wikipedia Check Jim White and Tom Boles labels for posts where they are mentioned.

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Anonymous said...

The two men in this picture labeled"Marks Brothers" are my great uncle, Emory Marks and my great grandfather, Emil Henry (known as E.H.) Marks. They were not brothers but rather father and son. They were not local ranchers, either. They were ranchers but were from Barker, Texas (near Houston). It is my understanding that they were at the carverns on a family vacation. My grandfather, Travis Marks, who was younger than Emory, always remarked that on that day he was too shy to get in the picture. Later in life he sure regretted that decision. I'll ask around in my family and see if anyone else has some insight about that day.

Just wanted to add a little history to the picture.
Sincerely, Erika Steffens Mulcock