Thursday, April 10, 2008

1959 at the Carlsbad Caverns Visitor Center Information Desk


Is there anyone still around who still remembers working this 1959 particular information desk? Well, I do not know who else does, but I remember working the desk above from June 1971- January 1972 and so does my lovely wife who also worked it in the summer of 1969 and in 1971 – 1972 again. Offered a permanent GS-5 Park Guide job, she turned it down, married me, and accompanied me to Grand Canyon training, then to Washington D.C. in 1972. The NPS lost; I prevailed.

Check out the cool little kids in the front of the crowd.

Do you remember the super CCGMA cooperation association bookstore that T.K. Kajiki built during the Ed Greene Interpretation Chief era? The store, wonderfully modern, with its wide selection of products, had one drawback to some people (and I confess I was one of them): the beautiful view off the escarpment disappeared, sad to recall.

This picture shows those original windows of yore. In 1971, we displayed our wares that were for sale under a glass cover on top of the information desk. As I recall, we had "thumb-through" copies that a visitor could request to, well, yeah, as you might have guessed, thumb through.

This information desk in 1959 was a far cry from the modern sales facilities in store for the caverns future. I eagerly look forward to what our VC rehab is going to bring:

**for the visitors
**for the employees
**for the interpretation of the resources/visitor services
**for the NPS mission
**for CCGMA continuing interpretation for the visitors
**for the new concession services contributions to the enjoyment of visitor trips here
**for improving the view from the inside to the outside
**for the other things that aren't occurring to me right now (send me a comment, speak up, be heard)

One of the employees currently working at the caverns worked at the ticket booth (at the far end of the building in 1971 - 1972, who knew me when I was 24 and I knew her when she was an NPS employee of only 8 or 9 years old).

Another of the employees currently working here was born in 1959. I met her when she was 27 years old and I was 39 years old. Soon to be 61(me, not her), I don't know how old she is; yes I do, but I am afraid to publicize it.

This particular picture has a new special meaning developed only over the last couple weeks. I dedicate this post to Madam Detective, a special name that I have for her.

Everything changes in history.

Tempus Fugit.

Best wishes to the Bieri’s, the Thomas’s, and Shannan

Bob Hoff

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