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Monday, June 05, 2006

Some Basic Information Re: This Blog

Re: blog navigation: when you pursue a link, return to the blog via your browser's back button

Jim White, Jr. above, sitting to my right, turned 87 in March of this year. He is a great friend to the park and a super resource. See post about an interview I did with him about his father.

I hope to set this up as a VIP doing most of my computer work at home with Dave Thomas as my VIP supervisor. Always defer to your supervisors about "contradictory" information that may appear in any thing that I write (I will admit that during "multi-tasking" I sometimes contradict myself, but I can come to an agreement of my mind after checking my sources (me). I don't expect too many contradictions; I am a much wider (er..wiser) and refined hombre now and see the futility of being negative much clearer than I did in my early days.

I can also try to field caverns history questions at:
Please insert "CAVE Question" in the subjects line When I send you a reply, I also plan to send a cc: to Rueben, Ted, Paula, the Secreatay of Interior (NOT), and Dave T. so that they are aware of what we are discussing; maybe they will want to get involved in some of the discussions, no?

Surprise Link: Find out who played "Gertrude the Duck" in the 1959, partially filmed at the caverns, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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