Wednesday, May 17, 2006

History Reveals Causes, Effects, and Changes

If you don't believe it, ask my 17-year son Erik on the left in the picture to the right who graduated from Carlsbad High two days ago or my 21-year year old son Darren in the blue on the right who graduated from New Mexico State University at Carlsbad with an associate's degree in architectural drafting (and received the 2006 student of the year award from a NMSU-C alumni group--the "bragging grandfather" is also a "bragging father") five days ago.

Or you can ask me in the picture to the left. I turn 59-years old in three days.

History is also finding out what caused the changes and why certain historical results turned out the way that they did. I always was bothered in my high school history class about what would have happened if WW II had accidentally happened before WW I.

I don't think the implications of that can be easily grasped, do you?

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